Older Women Dating Younger Men —Acceptable?

Older Women Dating Men

Older Women Dating Men

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Older Women Dating Younger Men —Acceptable?Acceptable to whom?

If a younger man decides that he wants to be with a woman who is older to him, does it really matter what ‘society’s norm’ is? What other norms must one conform to? Religion? Social status? Race? Nationality? Caste? Language? Age is just another tick mark. At some point each one of us has to decide that we will overcome our biases, our apprehensions, our fears and unlearn what we have been told is acceptable. Then we are free to pursue what our hearts want without invisible conventions tugging at it.

My husband is 6 years younger than me. It’s a big difference when you’re in your early twenties. Enough to make your family gasp. Turns out it doesn’t matter one bit. We’ve been together 14 years.

Anything, any choice only has to be acceptable to you and your partner. You are the ones to live with it.

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