Older Women Dating Younger Men

15417e11bf1bd1ede60a22d97d10bed6Here’s another story about older women dating younger men,shared originally  by anonymous user on olderwomendatingmen.com

I got married in my mid-20s. I have a young child.
I’ve been in relationships before – boyfriends – but only one of them worked out.

I, too, decided to go for an older person because males mature a bit slower, and I wanted to be with a person who has seen a bit of life. The age difference between my husband and I is 10 years.

So, we’ve lived happily ever after for a couple of years, then the child was born, and my husband totally and completely lost interest in me.
I don’t know if it’s hormonal – he had low testosterone levels, and was taking medication for it, or if it’s the age (he’s in his 40s now), or if it’s his family (putting pressure on him for the littlest of things) or if it’s me. He never told me what it was, I asked a couple of times, and just dropped it: it doesn’t make sense wasting energy on something that’s just not happening.

The bottom line: we have not been intimate in 7 years. Yes, you read it right. We still coexist, we still talk about major household activities, we discuss financials, we take care of our child, we do everything else, except intimacy.
Again, I got tired of asking because it was almost starting to look like begging.
So, I dropped it.

And now, I am on the market to find a younger lover.
As I have matured, I got more comfortable with my body, I am not that young and shy girl anymore – I am a woman. I have blossomed. My desire has awakened.
I can go on for sometime about the actual things I want to try in bed: and since I don’t want to make you blush, I won’t go there ;)
I have enough finances to afford sexy lingerie and high heels, and I would like to feel desired again.

I am not looking for a relationship – I just want a young company to have during the business hours (when I am in the office). Once I am done with one I will move on to the next.
At this point of my life, it’s all about me. With that, I am gaining more experience and more clarity about my own sexual preferences, so that by the 5th toy, I will know exactly what-when-and-how of the pleasure, for me, of course.

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